Mar 6, 2012

Information on Tropical Gardening in Australia

The information available on Tropical Gardening, Tropical Garden Design and Tropical Plants in Australia is limited and sometimes difficult to source. On our blog we try and give our patrons information that will help them create a lush thriving garden. But there are other sources available where you can increase your understanding. We’re including a few good links in this blog and a way to get 15% off your next order, so keep reading!

Pink Princess coming soon!
1)      Tropical Breeze- Helen Curran’s garden in Sydney is a marvel to behold and an amazing place to get inspiration for your garden if you live in N.S.W or any zone challenged area. Her name may sound familiar as her articles often appear in Subtropical Gardening. And of course, Helen is one of our best customers J  Helen has a website at:  but also opens her doors as part of Open Garden. 'Tropical Breeze' is open with Australia's Open Garden Scheme in 24th-25th March, 2012. 
Members of the Tropical Garden Society of Sydney will be selling tropical plants.

2)      Forums are a great place to get info. The advantage is good forums generally have a range of expertise and lots of photos. Some of our favorites are:  and

Heliconia aemygdiana
3)      Clubs or Societies that specialize in Tropical Plants: A few that we find very helpful and are members of are:

4)      And of course, Subtropical Gardening magazine! In the current edition in our advert you will find a coupon code that is good for 15% your next order. You can find it at newsagents or subscribe at:

Well that should keep you busy for awhile :) Until next time!
Red Stem Curcuma Flowers

                                                                                   Happy Gardening!

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Gaz@AlternativeEden said...

The Pink Princess is fantastic. WIll have to have a look to see if thats available in the UK!

We have an exotic garden in cold Britain, so its quite a big challenge!