Mar 29, 2010

El Arish Tropical Exotics is Now Freighting Potted Heliconias and Gingers

Our nursery is packed with gorgeous healthy potted heliconias and gingers in pots. We are now offering potted plants that can be shipped throughout the east coast of Australia. Our carrier requires a minimum of 5 trays which generally works out to be between 25 and 30 plants. 

If you are a landscaper, home gardener or owner of a motel/caravan park looking for a high quality plants this is a great opportunity. Potted plants will give you an instant effect for not much more than the cost of rhizomes. Most nurseries grow heliconias and gingers in a shade house situation. They never experience full sun wind or the normal stresses plants experience in a normal garden. This usually results in some dieback or yellowing of leaves.  Our stock is different; due to our unique rainforest environment we can grow plants in a lot more sun. We also grow using Biological Farming techniques which mean our plants are always well nourished and vigorous.   Our high quality stock is grown outside in full sun ready to be planted into your next landscaping project.

Scott and Ann can be reached on (07)40685 058 or you can drop us an email to discuss availability.

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