Aug 2, 2009

An Introduction to Brugmansias in Australia

Alarmingly large amounts of Australian gardeners have been infected with an addiction that has afflicted their European and American counterparts for decades. Pop into Dave’s Garden’s Aussie Forum or the defunct Ozgarden and you’ll see what I mean. Young, old, tropical, subtropical, temperate, no one is spared from the seductive highly addictive Angel’s Trumpet. For some it is their alluring scent wafting thru the evening to dawn. For others it’s the explosion of breathtaking blooms that occur often in successive waves. Either way they are left wandering in their gardens mumbling “I’ve gotta have room for just one more, just one more…”

Angel Trumpets have a long history in Australian gardens dating back to colonial times. But in more recent years Australian collectors have been importing seed in from overseas where brugs breeding is more evolved than in Oz. Brugmansia are not true to seed but instead inherit traits from their parents and grandparents. In a batch of 100 seedlings there may be only one exceptional plant. Currently in Australia there is a rainbow assortment of beautiful single flowering brugmansias and a few exquisite doubles have popped up within the last year.

Brugmansia cultivars have an international register; it’s always a good idea to see if the plant you are buying is registered and not a seedling. We only see registered brugmansia and trial them in our garden first.

Brugmansias are hardy fast growing plants once established. They grow in almost all parts of Australia with the exception of extreme arid desert and regions that have long frosty winters.

You can find our ever expanding range of brugmansias in our online plant store.

When purchasing a plant from us you will generally receive a plant in a 4inch spacer saver pot that has been cut back for transport. We recommend that when you receive your plant you water it with a weak seaweed solution. This will help ease stress and promote new leaf bud formation. You can either transplant your plant into the ground or into a larger pot. Potting mix should be a premium free draining mix.

For more information on Angel Trumpets we suggest you look at the Brugmansia Growers International website.


Anonymous said...

hi Ann is a very exciting time for Brugmansias here in Australia.
Angel's Trumpets are traffic stoppers in full bloom ...if you want something in your garden with the X factor this is it!
Seductive is the right description.
Once seen on a warm Summer evening, you will fall in love with them ...the fragrance ...the WOW! most will bloom at face level so it is usually an "up close and personal" experience filled with awe and adoration.

Anonymous said...

Why not hop in here and ask questions ...
*tell us your experiences ...if you have grown them
*tell us why you love them
join the gang ...
We love our Angels Trumpets

Border Fence said...

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Anonymous said...

What about the fragrance?
ranging from rich honey almond through to citrus, hyacinth, baby powder (very common)4711 cologne, to rich oriental lillies ...there is a fragrance for everyone.
They usually emit this as the dusk settles until early morning ...but the Aureas tend to carry their fragrance almost all the time in temperate conditions.
Which one would you choose?
Me? I want them all!

Anonymous said...

I am a sri lankan nature enthusiat I have three colours of Brugansia (whitr, pink lipped, yellow) they bloom to cover the entire tree. Very beautiful. I am looking for a reliable source to buy new varieties seeds. NOT FROM CHINA.